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The Most Powerful Learning Comes From Doing

We believe deeply that our students shouldn't just learn theory, they should gain real world experience. So we focus on preparing them for the real world. For the last eight weeks of our bootcamps, students work as apprentices with startups and companies worldwide. During this time, they are expected to develop an MVP of a mobile app or website in an agile environment.


In the Power of Education

We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, the doors of which should be closed to no-one. Given access to higher education isn't guaranteed in conflict affected countries, we decided to empower our fellows with a skill-set that enables people to transcend geographic boundaries and work in the digital economy; a skill-set that enables people to progress professionally and one that enables people to earn globally and spend locally - coding! 



We need to prepare students for the skills of tomorrow

History shows us that the top in-demand jobs of 2030 don't yet exist. As such, we need to start building talent today for the jobs of tomorrow. Ultimately, we aim to build a network of people across the Middle East dedicated to developing technology to solve humanity’s most challenging problems.

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We started Re:Coded because we believe that young people affected by war should have the opportunity to enter the digital economy. With millions displaced in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey, job opportunities are  sparse and primarily in the informal sector, where the pay is low and exploitation is high. That is particularly concerning for young men and women with a university degree and a dream of a better tomorrow.

But we didn't just start Re:Coded only because we wanted to teach conflict-affected youth how to code and help them find jobs. We did it because we believe they can become leaders in their communities. And that, is the most powerful multiplier effect. As war-shattered economies start to get back on their feet, we want to train the generation that will drive these countries forward through technology.

- Ali and Marcello, Re:Coded Co-Founders

Alexandra Clare
Co-Founder & CEO

Allan Saleh
Coding Instructor

Levi Clancy
Marketing Coordinator


Asma Dogramaci
Community Assistant

Marcello Bonatto
Co-Founder & COO

Jessica Francis
Communications Coordinator

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Samer Kanou
Finance Manager

Zahra Shah
Country Manager, Iraq

Ehsan Ibrahim
Blockchain Instructor


Hala Rahmany
Kids Coding Instructor


If you have a passion for tech, startups, and helping awesome people, consider joining the incredible Re:Coded team. If nothing on the list sounds like you, get in touch and we’ll make sure to keep you posted as new roles open up!



Director, Computer Programming Education


Re:Coded is seeking an inspiring leader, a passionate educator, and a practical problem solver with flexibility and curiosity in building classroom cultures that nurture a growth mindset and the practice of lean principles. The Program Director will be responsible for overseeing all activities under our Computer Programming Education area in all locations where we operate.


Project Coordinator


Re:Coded is seeking an individual with strong communication and organisational skills to work closely with the Country Manager and oversee our operations in Baghdad, Iraq. The Project Coordinator is someone who is passionate about building a tech and entrepreneurial community, is well connected in Baghdad with local businesses, developers, entrepreneurs and freelancers, and is passionate about helping others enter the tech sector. S/he will be responsible for keeping all administrative tasks in order, supporting with the day-to-day of our activities and organizing events and workshops.


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